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Joseph Pilates

Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control.
              Joseph Pilates


I've been going to Clare's sessions for nearly a year, having suffered with chronic morning back pain and joint stiffness for over two years. I was only 29 and needed something to change.

I cannot be more grateful for these classes. Clare covers all of the exercises prescribed by my physios and does so in a fun and engaging way, so the hour flies by. The pain has improved and so has my understanding of how I can manage it. Unlike the gym, I also actively want to go. I'd encourage anyone to sign up. It's not scary, everyone is warm and lovely, and it's a relaxing and rewarding time to yourself each week.

Pilates has changed my life. When I was diagnosed with MS last year, I had all kinds of problems with my balance, muscle strength and flexibility. It’s no exaggeration to say that Pilates helped me in all of those areas immensely. I feel fitter, stronger and more confident. I’m unrecognisable to the people I know and I put much of it down to the Pilates work. I’ve been doing with Clare. Thank you

So glad I signed up for the Pilates for back care classes. Clare is a brilliant instructor with so much knowledge and gives everyone cues and guidance to support their individual needs.

I have really felt the benefits of a stronger core and better posture and noticed that I have less back pain in all my day to day activities. Thanks Clare - always feel great after your classes... highly recommended

I was lucky to find Clare when I needed help after cancer, surgery and treatment. I had lost quite a bit of mobility and was taken painkillers and anti-inflammatory for my arthritis. Life was looking a bit bleak, but with some physio and starting Pilates with Clare, not only has my mobility improved, but I no longer need to take the pills. Clare takes an interest in each person and helps you to achieve what you can and it doesn’t matter If you can’t do some things. She plans each week so that we do different things to keep us interested and so that we can all do something well, and I really enjoyed it which is an unexpected bonus. Thank you.

I love Clares Barre classes. She’s always aware of your strengths and weaknesses and makes it fun with cool music. Her one-to-one lessons are brilliant. She works so hard without even realising it. My core strength has improved massively and no more back problems.

Over two years ago, I had an operation for prolapse vertebrae in the spine. Prior to this I have been in constant severe pain. After the operation as advised by the surgeon to join a Pilates class as this was the best thing for all my back problems. Luckily I found CS Pilates and I’m convinced that regular Pilates exercise has helped me tremendously. The teacher Clare is extremely helpful and encouraging. It is a friendly fun class and I look forward to go in each week.

Since lockdown stopped me attending my usual classes, I have tried a number of online alternatives. Waving one's legs around in front of Youtube or Vimeo is somewhat isolating and demotivating. Clare's interactive Zoom class wins hands down. Having a teacher who can see what you are doing and other people present makes the world of difference. Thank you Clare -- keep up the good work

I have been attending Barre with Clare for many Years! This class is challenging,fun and you really get a full body workout. The class changes each month, which gives lots of variations and i love all the routines. i always recommend Barre as a fantastic workout

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